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Woodfern HSA extends a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the students and parents at Woodfern who participated in the Read-a-Thon 2023! We're incredibly grateful for your support, which made our fundraiser a success. 

The students read a total of 19,977 minutes!


classes with the top minutes Were:

For Kindergarten, with a total of 737 minutes it's...Mrs. Iovino's class

For 1st grade, with a total of 2898 minutes it's...Ms. Fabiano's class

For 2nd grade, with a total of 1723 minutes it's...Mrs. Guthrie's class

For 3rd grade, with a total of 2880 minutes it's...Ms. Dzvileski's class

and For 4th grade, with a total of 2261 minutes it's...Mrs.Stapleton's class

The TOP READERS per grade WEre:

K - Rylee Best

1st - AJ Assini 

2nd - Faith N

3rd - Emily Dorry

4th - Angel N. 

We raised a total of $3,821.25!

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