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School Notebook

Interested in Joining the HSA?

Together we can shape a brighter future for our school community!

We're so happy to have you!!

Please fill out the form below.

Payment can be made via the Paypal link below or with payment in an envelope marked WHSA MEMBERSHIP DUES. You may send the envelope to school with your child.

We'll be in touch soon!

Membership Dues
$25 per family

It takes over $30,000
or over $90 per student
to fund our mission each year.

Membership dues are only $25 per family.

Families may also choose to add a separate donation.

There are so many reasons to join the HSA!

🌟 Exclusive Access: Only HSA members have the privilege of becoming Class Parents, playing a pivotal role in shaping the school experience.

🎁 Welcome Gift: As a token of our appreciation, every new HSA member receives a delightful welcome gift!

🎉 Thrilling Rewards: Dive into a world of special raffles and prizes, exclusively available to our cherished HSA members.

🗣️ Your Voice Matters: Join us in shaping the future by having a significant say in planning our vibrant activities and fundraisers.

⏰ Flexible Engagement: Be a part of the action, whether it's during school hours or beyond. There's a perfect fit for everyone!

🌍 Drive Meaningful Change: With your support, we're making a positive impact on the school community and beyond.

🥳 Embrace the Fun: Joining HSA means joining a community that knows how to have a blast while making a difference!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Our children are only small for so long! Become an HSA member today and let's make this journey unforgettable!

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